Listen to the Chunky Glasses: The Podcast on “Angel Dust”

It’s podcast season! The Chunky Glasses podcast recently reviewed Faith No More’s Angel Dust (1992) in their Discologist series. Listen to it now!

There are an incredible amount of podcasts that have just come out that cover Mike Patton and his projects.  This one is their review of Faith No More’s 1992 Angel Dust. They also delve a lot into Faith No More, Mike Patton’s work ethic, Cover’s by Mike Patton, and even delve into the Nu-Metal discussion.

Here’s what Chunk Glasses say about the podcast:

After finally finding their “voice” on The Real Thing, there was nowhere to go but up for Faith No More, which makes it all that more remarkable that an album like Angel Dust exists. Considered by many to be the weirdest album ever released on a major label, Angel Dust fused rap-ish, metal, grindcore, juvenilia, psychedelia, The Commodores – basically everything but the kitchen sink – into what many consider to be one of the defining masterworks of the 1990’s.

We’re putting that praise to the test as three Faith No More devotee’s and Kevin dig deep into an album that thrashes, howls, croons, and, most importantly has the cajones to play a song called “Jizzlobber” straight. Strap in, on, or whatever you damn well please for our latest and greatest episode of ChunkyGlasses: The Podcast!

Album art for Angel Dust - Faith No More

Angel Dust – Faith No More

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Listen to Chunky Glasses: The Podcast Episode 367: Angel Dust

You can find out more about the Chunky Glasses podcast here.

During the podcast, they mention Dillinger Escape Plan covering Justin Timberlake. Here’s Mike Patton fronting Dillinger Escape Plan performing “Like I Love You”

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