Point & Click #15 – Mike Patton twice in Top 25 Hangover Songs | Dillinger Escape Plan Involved in Bus Crash | Fan Art

In Point & Click episode #15 we quickly look at Mike Patton’s projects that were in a list of Top 25 Hangover Songs, a touring bus accident for The Dillinger Escape Plan, and some Fan Art.

Mike Patton Twice in List of Top 25 Hangover Songs

Well, here we go, have we reached peak-lists now that there’s a list for the Top 25 Hangover songs?

Ultimate Guitar’s recent Wednesday poll discussed the greatest songs to listen to during a hangover. We’re not sure what would make a good hangover song, but we’re guessing it’d be something that is slow and not too noisy.

Two of Mike Patton’s projects managed to get themselves onto the list. Firstly in at 18th position is Mr. Bungle’s Pink Cigarette from California (1999). The song was written by Trey Spruance and Mike Patton, with Patton also writing the lyrics.

We’re glad they mentioned the beeping at the end of the song as I can only imagine what that would do to your head if you had a splitting headache.

Here’s what they had to say:

Relaxing, almost jazzy mood of this tune by Mike Patton and company held this tune to No. 18. Be warned of the beeping at the end of the song 🙂

Listen to Mr. Bungle’s Pink Cigarette

Then coming in at a respectable third place is Faith No More’s cover of Easy. Easy was originally recorded by The Commodores, and Faith No More’s version shows that Mike Patton is more than just a screaming metal singer.  Proving that he can swoon with the best of them!

Here’s what they had to say about Easy:

And Mike Patton is again on the list, taking the bronze with one of the biggest hits from Faith No More – calm and relaxing cover of Commodores’ tune “Easy.”

Listen to Faith No More’s cover of Easy

You can read the full list here.

Dillinger Escape Plan Involved in Bus Crash [Rel-Act]

It saddens us to report that The Dillinger Escape Plan were involved in a Bus Accident.  At the moment we don’t have too much information to go on, we’re hoping that the band is OK.

From Associated Press:

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — A police spokeswoman in Poland says 13 people have been injured after a truck rammed into the bus carrying American band The Dillinger Escape Plan to a concert in Krakow.

Aneta Wlazlowska from the police in Radomsko said Sunday that band members were not seriously hurt but were taken for tests at the local hospital. A pregnant woman traveling with the band was not hurt.

The spokeswoman told TVN24 that the most injured person was the driver of the truck that hit the band’s bus, which was parked partly on the road and partly on its hard shoulder.

We also have a post from Steve O Photos who is a photographer currently touring with The Dillinger Escape Plan.  He received a broken shoulder in the accident.

View this post on Instagram

❤️❤️❤️ Send memes y'all

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We hope everyone is OK.

Mike Patton on Social Media

The final item for today’s Point & Click is some fantastic fan art of Mike Patton and Mondo Cane by Sequera Design.

Apparently, it’s a gift for her fiancé, looks like someone has got a fantastic marriage ahead of themselves.

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