Point & Click #16 – Greg Puciato Inc. The Real Thing in Albums that Changed His Life, New Band ‘John Frum’, DEP Tour dates [Rel-Act]

In Point & Click #16 we’ve got a lot of Dillinger Escape Plan news. Greg Puciato includes The Real Thing in a BBC Radio Show on albums that changed his life, plus a new band and tour dates.

Greg Puciato Includes Faith No More in Albums that Changed His Life

Greg Puciato from The Dillinger Escape Plan was recently on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show.  He was the first guest on a new segment titled Music Ruined My Life.

When asked about the album that changed his life Greg wasn’t able to pick a single album.  Instead, he chose four albums that all happened in a two-year quick succession. They were:

  1. Appetite for Destruction – Guns ‘n Roses
  2. … And Justice For All – Metallica
  3. The Real Thing – Faith No More
  4. I against I – Bad Brains
Albuim Art for The Real Thing (Deluxe Edition) by Faith No More

The Real Thing (Deluxe Edition) – Faith No More

Greg says he was glued to MTV with a brain like a sponge around the time when the music video for Epic hit.

Mike Patton was one of the first guys I saw being a like a pure singer, and just being weird and aggressive and punk and funky.  I went back to picked up Introduce Yourself and We Care A Lot and realised that it was Chuck Mosley  I was enamored with Chuck Mosley too for the same reason.

Mike Patton and Chuck Mosley’s vocals then got Greg introduced to Bad Brains by a friend. Funnily enough, Chuck later joined Bad Brains between 1990-91.

He also talks later in the interview about Mike Patton being a mentor to him along with Chino (Deftones) or Trent (Nine Inch Nails).


You can listen to the entire show here.

John Frum – The New Band for Liam Wilson

Recently a new death metal band has been announced. Liam Wilson from The Dillinger Escape plan, who recorded Irony is a Dead Scene with Mike Patton, is part of a new metal band called John Frum.

John Frum also includes Derek Rydquist from The Faceless on vocals, Matt Hollenberg from the John Zorn band and Cleric on guitar, and Eli Litwin from Intensus, Deveykus, and Knife The Glitter on drums.

The name of the band is explained on the band’s website:

John Frum borrows its name from a relatively isolated group of natives in the South Pacific islands, known as a Cargo Cult, who first used the alias John Frum as a means to reject European ways, escape oppressive missionaries and return to their old traditions.

The narrative changed, however, during the war in the 1940s, to reflect their encounters with thousands of American soldiers who spectacularly descended on that region by sea and air with crates of wartime materials dropped from the sky, known as “Cargo”.

These events drastically changed the beliefs and lifestyle of the islanders as they took the soldiers and their offerings to be god-like as they descended from the heavens.

John Frum Band Members

John Frum Band Members

John Frum initially released a teaser for their upcoming album, A Stirring in the Noos.

And then later released a music video for the first track, Presage of Emptiness.

The full album is due for release on the 12th of May 2017 and can be preordered now.

Album art for Stirring in the Noos by John Frum

Stirring in the Noos – John Frum

New Tour Dates for Dillinger Escape Plan

After the bus accident in Poland, the Dillinger Escape Plan has announced new and re-scheduled tour dates for their 2017 Summer European tour.

Additionally, they’ve announced that they’ll be supporting Soundgarden in their Spring 2017 tour.

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