Point & Click #2 – NEVERMEN in Top 50 List | Bill Gould Music Download [Rel-Act]

In this episode #2 of Point & Click, we quickly cover NEVERMEN in a Top 50 Album List for 2016 and Bill Gould’s 2013 Music for Download. 

NEVERMEN In Top 50 Albums of 2016 List

NEVERMEN have been included in an online list of the Top 50 Albums of 2016. by L. Mount.  Coming in at position #35, L Mount Is Dead describes NEVERMEN’s self-titled debut as:

35. Nevermen – Nevermen (Ipecac)

FFO [For Fans Of]: Faith No More, TV On The Radio, cLOUDDEAD

One of the most unexpected supergroups that 2016 had to offer was Nevermen, the unconventional team-up of musicman extraordinaire Mike Patton, TV On The Radio vocalist Tunde Adebimpe, and undergrond rap veteran Doseone.

Their self-titled debut is one of the oddest, kookiest, and most interesting rock records that was released this year. In some ways, it is a pretty perfect combination of all three musicians’ respective sounds; there are moments where Doseone’s rap verses are spat over the freaky and off kilter backing vocals and composition of Patton, all mixed with an art-rock edge from Adebimpe.

Nevermen is an extremely difficult album to pin down in just a paragraph, but I highly recommend it if you want something out of the ordinary.

You can read L. Mounts other Top 2016 albums here.

Nevermen - Nevermen

Nevermen – Nevermen

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Bill Gould and Espen J. Jörgensen Offer Free Download

Fugly is a 5 track EP originally released byBill[y] Gould and Espen J. Jörgensen back in April 2013.

Since 2016 has been such a great year, they’ve now decided that the EP can be downloaded after you ‘Name Your Price’ (as we know this can be anything from $0 to whatever you want).

Have a listen below, and buy it if you like it.

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