Point & Click #5 – Tomahawk Piano Cover | Kaada Interview | NEVERMEN and DEP in Top 50 Albums

In episode #5 of Point & Click, we have another Tomahawk piano cover,  an interview with Kaada about animation and composing music, and Nevermen and The Dillinger Escape Plan in Top 50 albums of 2016.

South Paw Piano Cover

Hisokana Pianisuto brings us another Mike Patton inspired piano cover!

For those of you who enjoyed the piano cover of Mr. Bungle’s Ars Moriendi and Tomahawk’s Captain Midnight, here’s Tomahawk’s South Paw – originally from Oddfellows (2013).

Kaada Talks Animation and Composing Music.

The Skwigly Animation Podcast released an interview yesterday where they interviewed John Kaada.  They discussed the animated short ‘The Absence of Eddy Table’ that Mike Patton was also involved with. Here’s the blurb on the interview with John Kaada:

John Erik Kaada (AKA Kaada) – Norwegian multi-instrumental composer/performer whose discography includes the solo releases ‘Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time’, ‘Music For Moviebikers’ and ‘Junkyard Nostalgias’ as well as the Kaada/Patton albums Romances and this year’s ‘Bacteria Cult’. Kaada’s work as a composer for independent film scores recently extended into the world of animated shorts with ‘The Absence of Eddy Table’, directed by Rune Spaans.

You can listen to the podcast on SoundCloud:

NEVERMEN and The Dillinger Escape Plan in Top 50 albums of 2016.

mxdown have published their top 50 albums of 2016.  In 30th place is NEVERMEN’s self-titled debut album, and in 13th position is The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Dissociation.

Here’s what they had to say about the NEVERMEN Album:

Nevermen - Nevermen

Nevermen – Nevermen

Sometimes life grants you little gifts you never expect to get, like this once-in-a-lifetime collaborative effort featuring TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe, Mike Patton, and Doseone from the Anticon collective. It finds three incredible singers taking the human voice to the absolute pinnacle of its potential.
– Raymond Flotat

Here’s what they had to say about Dissociation:

Album art for the Dillinger Escape Plan's ultimate album Dissociation

The Dillinger Escape Plan – Dissociation

No 2016 release was more bittersweet than Dissociation, The Dillinger’s Escape Plan’s sixth and final full-length. Lead as always by the dizzying, angular and downright spastic guitar playing of Ben Weinman, the seminal mathcore group have pieced together a nostalgic amalgamation of their past material spiced with some melancholic left turns in tracks like “Low Feels Blvd” and “Wanting Not so much to as To.” In more abundance than any other Dillinger outing are moments like the intro of “Nothing to Forget,” where Ben and the boys drop the cut-and-paste mathcore meticulousness that propelled them to fame in favor of ballsy, barreling punk rock.
– Conor Fagan

You can read the full list of 50 albums here.

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