New Primitive Race Album (Feat. Chuck Mosley & Dale Crover) Announced [Rel-Act]

Primitive Race has just announced that their second album Soul Pretender will be released on November 3, 2017.

Album art for Soul Pretender by Primitive Race

Soul Pretender – Primitive Race

So here we are with both Chuck Mosley (ex Faith No More) and Dale Crover (The Melvins, Fantomas, Peeping Tom) are on an album together, on Vocals and Drums respectively. They’ve both joined Primitive Race alongside Chris Knicker, Mark Gemini Thwaite, and Erie Loch. Soul Pretender will be released on the 3rd of November 2017 on Metropolis Records (who also released their debut album).

The links don’t stop with Mosley and Crover.  Maor Appelbaum, who helped master Faith No More‘s Sol Invictus provides mastering, whilst Toshi Kasai from all things The Melvins is there for engineering.

Here’s what Knicker had to say:

Musically, Soul Pretender was a natural progression from the first album. To have Chuck and Dale involved was perfect! They really brought a new vision to the project. Their style is a perfect match with Mark, Erie and myself.

This record is more focused and organic. I wanted more of an alternative rock record. Stripped down. Live real drums. There’s space in the record. I didn’t want some overly polished ‘perfect’ record.

Track List

  1. Row House
  2. Cry Out
  3. Cranial Matter
  4. Take It All
  5. Bed Six
  6. Stepping Stone
  7. Turn It Up
  8. Soul Pretender
  9. Nothing to Behold
  10. Dancing On The Sun

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