Red Rainbow – Kaada/Patton [Official Video]

A new music video has been released for the Kaada/Patton song Red Rainbow from 2016’s Bacteria Cult.  Watch it here.

Late in 2016, John Kaada announced that Kaada/Patton were working on a music video for another song from their 2016 album, Bacteria Cult. We didn’t know which song, except that it was highly unlikely to be for Imodium (as they’d already released a video for it).

The video has now been revealed for ‘Red Rainbow’.  This is the same track that John Kaada recently released a video of a piano play-through and sheet music for.

The footage for the music video comes from the short animation The Absence of Eddy Table.  The animation featured Mike Patton providing the voice to the lead character.  John Kaada was also involved with the animation by providing the score.

Dave Cooper wrote and designed the video whilst Rune Spaans directed it.

‘Red Rainbow’ was shortlisted for Best Animation in a Music Video in the 2017 Music Video Awards, but unfortunately didn’t win.

Album Art for Kaada/Patton's Bacteria Cult

Kaada/Patton – Bacteria Cult

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