Retrovertigo and New Jean-Claude Vannier Song @ “Forgotten Songs”

The second and final night of Mike Patton and Uri Caine’s “Forgotten Songs” is complete.  Listen to a few of the snippets whilst we wait for the whole show.

Until a recording of the full show is available, here’s a couple of snippets that you might enjoy.  We’re especially fond of the rendition of Trevor Dunn’s “Retrovertigo” from Mr. Bungle’s California (1999).

Also of interest for all the fans is the new song from Patton’s new project with Jean-Claude Vannier.  Here’s the first performance of “Chansons D’Amour” (Love Songs) with Uri Caine.

Mike Patton and Uri Caine performing “Retrovertigo” – 26 May 2018

Mike Patton and Uri Caine Performing “Chansons D’Amour” – 26 May 2018

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