New Secret Chiefs 3 Single Released – The System of Antichrist [Rel-Act]

Secret Chiefs 3 have released two new songs today to fundraise for three new albums. Listen to The System of Antichrist and Bereshith today.

Trey Spruance’s band, or rather ‘musical ensemble’ Secret Chiefs 3 has released two new songs on their Bandcamp site today to fundraise for three new albums.  That’s right, previously they were fundraising for two new albums, they’ve upped the ante and are now trying to produce three albums.  You can buy the songs and support the new albums on their Bandcamp site.

Album art for Secret Chiefs 3: Traditionalists' The System of Antichrist

Secret Chiefs 3: Traditionalists’ The System of Antichrist

Each song is by a different Secret Chiefs 3 satellite band.  Secret Chiefs 3: Traditionalists provide us The System of Antichrist, whilst Secret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun bring us Bereshith.

There are a few familiar names who pop up on these tracks.  William Winant (Mr. Bungles Disco Volante and California, and Mike Patton’s Pranzo Oltranzista) provides percussion on The System of Antichrist, whilst Eyvind Kang (Mr. Bungle California, and collaborator with Mike Patton at last years Sacrum Profanum festival) on viola. Trey Spruance wrote and produced both songs.

In what we’ve come to love for Secret Chiefs three, their notes on the album continue to hold deliver the goods. Here’s what they had to say this time:

Secret Chiefs 3. “Upsizing” when we should be “downsizing”…

We find ourselves in an era where all logic says “simplify, streamline, make a duo or trio version of the band” or “let technology carry the heavy weight”, but we refuse this line of thinking… totally REFUSE!

While it may be sad that musical ensembles made up of multiple humans might be going the way of the dodo, for an audacious spirit there is nothing better than a LOST CAUSE…

The perfect time to defy all of it is NOW.
So let’s go big, not small…

Each track has its own commentary which we’ll leave for you to discover.

Album Art for Secret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun The System of Antichrist

Secret Chiefs 3: Ishraqiyun The System of Antichrist


This release, and the earlier release of Telstar, are to aid in fundraising for three future albums.  Here’s what Trey has to say.

SC3 are not adverse to reason, and for sure we admit these kinds of productions are totally unsustainable. Even though we are trying to think of these Bandcamp singles as “fundraisers”, you can probably imagine the bottom line. In addition to the mass quantity of semi-professional home recording done at Forking Paths, there’s time and money spent on these recordings in world class studios like Prarie Sun and Hyde Street Studios, as well as up & coming studios like the Bunker, none of which is insignificant.

Additionally we rack up a pretty huge number of real (paid) professional players, as you can see/hear, with a couple in the inner circle graciously foregoing royalties for these fundraisers, and all of whose efforts add to the thousands of hours of personal work & intense concentration towards production details (often to make up for the lack of genuinely good studio equipment, ie it’s time consuming but it works).

Everything happens through love of the work and commitment to excellence, pretty much exclusively. Close followers of the band might be questioning, and we already answer yes, these singles take shape while we work on three full-length albums, simultaneously, all of which are extremely different from each other. And rather huge undertakings.

Bear in mind that there are no arts or culture foundations behind us, no magic record label dollars to hire publicists etc., no will to exploit our ‘multicultural’ aspects for culture points, no time to shop our back-catalog to Hollywood or the tech-bro scene.

You are our only source of support. And by God we love you for it! Totally impossible to do any of this otherwise. Well, it seems you’ve endured this paeon far enough…!

You can support Secret Chiefs 3 through their Bandcamp site.

Album Art

There are a number of famous faces on the cover.  Leave your comments below for who you can name.

Listen to Secret Chiefs 3 The System of Antichrist and Bereshith

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