Tētēma Performance Wrap-up

Yesterday tētēma gave their first ever live performance.  Here’s a quick wrap-up of everything that we’ve come across, including photos and videos of the performance.

Tētēma rehearsals

Before Mike Patton and Anthony Pateras jumped over the Bass Straight to Tasmania they rehearsed in Melbourne, Victoria.

They rehearsed at Bakehouse Studios who posted the below album:

Preparing for the Show

The festival kicked off on Friday, and here’s a shot of Mike Patton with Emah Fox in what looks to be equipment storage room.

Performance Day

Here’s Mike Patton waiting to take the stage:

Mike Patton finalising his setup.

Mike Patton preparing for his performance as tētēma at Mofo -

Mike Patton preparing for his performance as tētēma at Mofo – Courtesy of Cynthia Jones

The stage is set and tētēma is up next.

Mofo Stage - Up next tētēma

Stage at Mofo with tētēma up next – Courtesy of Cynthia Jones

Photos of The tētēma Performance

The show was set to start at 7:15pm.  Here’s a collection of photos and videos from the performance.

Mike Patton performing at Mofo with tētēma

Mike Patton performing at Mofo with tētēma – Courtesy of Cynthia Jones

Stage at Mofo with tētēma performing

Stage at Mofo with tētēma performing – Courtesy of Cynthia Jones

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Videos of the tētēma Performance

Here’s a playlist of three videos from Rodrigo Roros from YouTube.


Patton Fanatics at the Show

Here’s a couple of other Mike Patton Fanatics who were at the performance.

Photo of Cynthia Jones at the Mona Foma festival to see Mike Patton perform as tētēma

Cynthia Jones at Mofo for tētēma performance – Courtesy of Cynthia Jones

If you don’t have tētēma’s Geocidal in your collection yet, you can get it here.

Album cover for tētēma's Geocidal, which includes the track Tenz.

tētēma – Geocidal

Buy CD Buy Digital Buy Vinyl

Thanks again to everyone who shared their experience.  Special thanks go out to DJ Wronghead and Cynthia Jones for sharing.


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