The First Dead Cross Song Shillelagh is released!

Dead Cross have dropped their first song from their debut self-titled album. Shillelagh was released specially for St. Patrick’s day.  Listen to it here before it’s unavailable

Edit : St. Patrick’s day is over and Shillelagh has been taken down from Sound Cloud.  Be sure to sign up now to get the latest Mike Patton and Dead Cross news as it comes out!

Edit 2: The latest Dead Cross single “Grave Slave” has been released and you can listen to it now.

Dead Cross‘ first song “Shillelagh” is now available to listen to on Soundcloud.  From the posts from Dave Lombardo, Justin Pearson, and the Dead Cross pages, it appears this is a limited release just for St. Patricks day.

Shillelagh is an Irish word for a stick or club, and it’s a pretty good summation of what your head feels like it’s been hit with. The song comes in at a breakneck pace and holds on to it for a glorious 2:32.

Soundcloud of Shillelagh that was taken down.


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