Tomahawk – Tomahawk (2001)

Album art for the self-titled debut album by Tomahawk, Tomahawk

Tomahawk – Tomahawk

Tomahawk is the self-titled debut studio album recorded in 2001 by the rock back Tomahawk. It was recorded after the Mike Patton met with guitarist Duane Denison. The rest of the album were also completed together with the other members of the band, who were former members of other bands, namely, Helmet, and The Melvins.

Upon its release, Tomahawk received attention and positive feedback from the critics, with most of the praises focused on the Patton’s vocal versatility. As a matter of fact, the album reached the charts in both the USA and Australia, hitting a peak 20 at the Billboard Independent Albums countdown.

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Tomahawk Production

The members of Tomahawk include Mike Patton as the vocalist, Duane Denison as the guitarist, Kevin Rutmanis on bass, and John Stanier in the drums. In 2000 Patton and Denison met at a concert and started to exchange music. From that point on, they started jamming together with the goal of ultimately releasing an album of their own.

Later on, with preparations for the establishment of an upcoming band going on, they hired Joe Funderburk to serve as producer of the album. When the album was finally released, it was backed up with a tour that supported Tool, though Tool’s fans were quite unreceptive of Tomahawk.

In general, Tomahawk has received some interesting feedback. For example, Blake Butler described the album as violent, moody, vomitive, sarcastic, beautiful, heart-stopping and silly, all at the same time. Most feedbacks were centred on praising the versatility of Patton’s voice, overall exemplary and unique.

Another reviewer, Mark Reed from Drowned in Sound also commented that the style and wit of the song makes it unique. He considered the album as one of the most conventional out of all the records of Patton, with its ear stretching vocals, super catchy tunes and dark lyrics filled with black humour.

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