Vinyl for Crank: High Voltage Soundtrack Released

The first vinyl release of Mike Patton’s soundtrack to Crank: High Voltage has been released today.

Crank: High Voltage was one the first soundtracks that Mike Patton wrote and performed.  Originally released in 2009, the album has only ever been available as a CD or Digital release. Today, Enjoy the Ride Records and Lakeshore Records have released the soundtrack to Crank: High Voltage on Vinyl.

The release is a double-album with new full-colour artwork, and liner notes by Mike Patton. The album is available in two limited edition colours/patterns alongside the standard yellow retail release.  The first option is half-black/half-clear with a yellow splatter and limited to 150 copies.  The second option is black-inside-yellow with yellow splatter and is limited to 350 copies.  For the true collectors, there’s also a bundle that includes both options as well as a test pressing in all-black vinyl and the retail version.

The limited edition versions of the album can be ordered at Enjoy the Ride Records.

Crank Vinyl - Yellow and Black version

Crank Vinyl – Yellow and Black version

Crank Vinyl - Clear and Black version

Crank Vinyl – Clear and Black version

Track Listing

Side 1

  1. Kickin’
  2. Chelios
  3. Sweet Cream (Redux)
  4. Organ Donor
  5. Chickenscratch
  6. Tourettes Romance
  7. Doc Miles
  8. El Huron

Side 2

  1. Tourettes Breakdance
  2. Juice Me
  3. Hallucination
  4. Porn Strike
  5. Surgery
  6. Social Club
  7. Chocolate Theme
  8. Ball Torture
  9. Chevzilla

Side 3

  1. The Hammer DropsTriad Limo
  2. Triad Limo
  3. Shock & Shootout
  4. Pixelvision
  5. Spring Loaded
  6. Verona
  7. Car Park Throwdown

Side 4

  1. Noticias
  2. Catalina Island
  3. Supercharged
  4. Massage Parlor
  5. Full Body Tourettes
  6. Epilogue – In My Dreams Friction
  7. Friction
  8. Epiphany

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