Watch “Walden Pink” A Short Film Scored by Trevor Dunn [Rel-act]

The short film “Walden Pink”, that was scored by Trevor Dunn, is now available online to view.

“Walden Pink” was first shown back in March 2016, however, it’s only now we get to hear Trevor Dunn’s work at scoring the short film.

Alongside Dunn’s score are a number of other musicians, this time on camera instead of on stage.  The lead character Walden Pink is played by David Yow, of Jesus Lizard fame.  He’s also joined by Gibby Hanes, of Butthole Surfers fame.

Here’s how the film was described:

Walden Pink sits disheveled on a park bench as the world drifts by him. The rest of his day is met with one unfortunate confrontation after another by the likes of religious proselytizers, process servers, angry bartenders and abrasive barflies. These conversations only distract him from finding a peace and clarity to this repetitive and draining existence. Just as Walden’s day began, his day ends seated on a park bench in a state of bitterness and self-loathing.

Watch Walden Pink

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