Watch Mike Patton and DJ Qbert – 9 Feb 2018

The first show of Mike Patton with DJ Qbert has come and gone.  We’re thankful that there were some fellow fanatics in the audience to capture the show.  Watch it here.

Mike Patton performed with DJ Qbert and Money Mark on Friday the 9th of February 2018 at The Chapel, San Francisco. At first, the show promised to be a one-time-only show, however, tickets were later released for the second show on Saturday night.

The performance showed Mike Patton as his usual eccentric self, seamlessly rotating from improvisation to songs from some of his other projects.  The show featured songs from General Patton vs the X-Ecutioners (2005) with “Get Up Punk!” at around the 5 minute mark in part 1, Peeping Tom (2006)  with “Sucker” at around the 19 minute mark and  “Neighbourhood Spaceman” at around the 33 minute mark, as well as a “Heaven on their Mind” from  Jesus Christ Superstar.

Watch Part One of Mike Patton and DJ Qbert – February 9,  2018

Watch Part Two of Mike Patton and DJ Qbert – February 9,  2018

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