Wrap up of the Faith No More and Sonarworks Cone of Shame release

The Sonarworks True-Fi edition of Faith No More’s Cone of Shame has just been released.  Here’s the final wrap up on this really interesting project.

The Announcement for Cone Of Shame – Sonarworks True-Fi edition

On January 19th, 2017 Faith No More released an announcement about their partnership with Sonarworks. The partnership would see a new release of Cone of Shame, from their most recent album Sol Invictus (2015), and be available on the 7th of Feb, 2017.

They described the release as a “revolutionary new audio format” which would allow you to experience Cone of Shame on your headphones exactly as you would in the studio.

Here’s the announcement from Facebook:

Check it out… Sonarworks is showing off a revolutionary new audio format. Sign up for an exclusive limited opportunity to hear FAITH NO MORE’s single “Cone of Shame” on your headphones exactly as if you were in the studio with the band. Coming Feb 7th.

Alongside the announcement was a link to the Sonarworks website where you could sign up and listen to the song when it was available. After an email address was entered registrees were asked to provide their exact make and model of their headphones for listening to Cone of Shame. This request for headphones may have caused some confusion when the song was finally released (more on that later).

The Sonarworks website also had a video giving a better explanation of what their True-Fi technology was and how it worked.

Why Cone of Shame?

Faith No More choosing to use Cone of Shame was interesting, but understandable.

Whilst Cone of Shame was originally released on Sol Invictus in 2015 there were a number of releases in 2016.  Firstly they released a music video was released in late 2016. They also had a vinyl only release on Record Store Black Friday.

Cone of Shame seems to be the flavour of the month at the moment with Faith No More.

The Build-up to the release of  Cone Of Shame – Sonarworks True-Fi edition

Between the initial announcement and the release date Sonarworks released a number of videos to tease us. They gave us quick insights into the recording process for Sol Invictus, the sound of Sol Invictus, and the mixing of Sol Invictus.

Here’s their video on the recording of Sol Invictus:

Here’s the video on the sound of Sol Invictus

Here’s the video on the mixing process, allowing all band members to hear the exact same mix.

And here’s the final, and longest, video that details the final story behind releasing a authentic sound to the fans.

The release of  Cone Of Shame – Sonarworks True-Fi edition

The 7th of Feb came and the release was slightly delayed.  Then on 8 February 2017, everyone received a link to listen to the Sonarworks True-Fi edition of Cone of Shame.

The process was very simple, basically follow the link in their email and select your headphones and have a listen.

There was some confusion when Cone of Shame was finally released. The headphones that you could select on sign-up weren’t all available.  Of the list only 75 headphones were available.  It appears that the initial list helps Sonarworks understand the prevalence of different headphones.

Just after the release, Billy Gould released a post detailing how this Cone of Shame release came about.

Here’s what the Facebook Post had to say.

Hey Guys, Bill here…

I wanted to send a message out to you all, and maybe fill you with a little background about this Sonarworks experiment. I’ve been familiar with these guys for a couple of years, and it was around the time we were ready to mix “Sol Invictus” when Matt and I were given a demonstration of their mixing software. In a nutshell, the idea behind their software was to compensate for imperfections in mixing rooms in order to provide a more accurate listening environment. We liked what we heard, and we were one of the first bands to use this software for a major release. It was relatively new to the scene at the time, but since then it has become quite popular in the recording world.

A few months ago, the Sonarworks folks contacted me again; they wanted to take this software out of the recording studio and bring it into the world of home audio. This time, they would attempt to address imperfections in a wide variety of headphones…and to take it a step further, rather than requiring someone to download and install their software, they would be able to run the test through a web browser.

I like the guys, they’re a small company from Latvia but with very big ideas, so we decided to give it a spin with “Cone of Shame”. As a band we try to take chances and explore new concepts all the time, and realized in this FNM tradition, that it might be cool to include some of our fans in on the experiment—as far as I know, no one has done anything like this before. So in this spirit, check it out, and let the guys know what you think. Tastes can be subjective, there are no right or wrong answers, but your feedback can go a long way toward improving the quality of our listening experience.

There you have it, the story of how Sonarworks and Faith No More released a brand new listening experience.

Let us know what you thought of the release.  Could you hear a difference?  Were your headphones in the list? Do you want more?

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